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Boston, MA
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Educator, advocate, and media-maker turned data scientist. Areas of focus have included violence intervention and prevention, critical media literacy, racial and gender equity, mental health and wellness, substance misuse prevention, and positive youth development.

I find joy in the crossovers of data, storytelling, and art, and see data science as a tool for more informed and effective problem-solving, strategizing, interventions, and evaluation.

Other passions include spreading stories through Stay Kind! zine distro and helping people find filled vegan donuts. In a past life, I shot bands.

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Seeking / Others interested in data ethics, equity, and emergent strategy

Doing / Working on the Code for Boston Clean Slate Project

Learning / Database Design and Implementation for Business, Boston University

Reading / My Riot: Agnostic Front, Grit, Guts & Glory by Roger Miret

Last updated 10/31/19. See my previous activities.


Technical / Python - Data Wrangling - Web Scraping - Data Analysis - Data Visualization - Machine Learning - Natural Language Processing - Tableau - SQL - HTML/CSS - Git/GitHub

Additional / Project Management - Participatory & Human-Centered Design - Advocacy - Curriculum Development - Facilitation - Research - Graphic Design

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Selected Projects

Active Timebanks

What are the best predictors of an active timebank?

Summary / Timebanking is a time-based currency that can help individual and community needs be met without relying on money, markets, or the state. The goal of this project is to build a regression model to identify the best predictors of the average number of daily exchanges in timebanks on TimeBanks.org.

Technologies Used / Python, Beautiful Soup, datetime, Matplotlib, NumPy, Pandas, PyLab, regex, Requests, SciPy, Seaborn, scikit-learn, VADER Sentiment Intensity Analyser

Reddit Classifier

Classifying articles from r/TheOnion and r/nottheonion.

Summary / While "fake news" has become a hot topic in recent years, fake news is nothing new. The subreddits r/nottheonion and r/AteTheOnion point both to the interest in "strange but true" news and the challenge of separating fact from fiction. This project uses natural language processing to predict whether an article is from r/TheOnion (fake news) or from r/nottheonion (real news).

Technologies Used / Python, datetime, Matplotlib, Natural Language Toolkit, NumPy, Pandas, PIL, regex, Requests, Seaborn, scikit-learn, unidecode, WordCloud


Using Twitter to detect power outages.

Summary / The goal of this collaborative project is to utilize news feeds and/or posts on social media to identify "hot spots" of concern and areas suffering from power outages for a nonprofit client. Following an event, the tool will scan relevant news or social media websites to identify localities likely to suffer from power outage.

Technologies Used / Python, Bokeh, collections, datetime, Matplotlib, Natural Language Toolkit, NumPy, Pandas, regex, scikit-learn, Tweepy, Twitterscraper


Volunteer / Code for Boston, Safe Drinking Water & Clean Slate Projects / Dec 2018 - Present

Contributing Writer / Towards Data Science magazine / Nov 2018 - Present

Cohort Member / Mel King Institute Certificate Program / Oct 2017 - Present

Volunteer / Open Data Science Conference East at Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA / Apr - May 2019

Volunteer / Data for Black Lives II conference at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA / Jan 2019

Presenter / "Infrastructuring Civic Action: Social Network Participatory Design with Youth" workshop, Digital Media & Learning Conference, Los Angeles, CA / Jun 2015